The Repast Project

Events and workshops that celebrate and share cultural heritage, preserve tradition, and foster empathy and connection through storytelling and food. 

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The Repast Project helps people weave their cultural heritage into their lives in vibrant, intentional ways that honor the past, make sense in the present, live into the future, and nourish both body and soul.   

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In our quickly modernizing, globalized world, our communities are changing and our perspectives are shifting.


Holding on to our heritage connects us to our families, our communities, and our ancestry, enriches our lives with beauty and meaning, and provides touchstones that help us celebrate in good times and anchor us when the going gets tough. 

But, for many of us, the connection to our heritage, our history, and our ancestry is complicated, tenuous, or not there at all. For others, our traditional cultures no longer align with our evolving values or fit into our everyday lives. 

And, without strong ties to our roots, we're hungry for deeper connections to our pasts, ourselves, our stories, and one another.







Get help integrating your heritage, culture, or family history into your event to tell a story about you, your culture, or your community.



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Learn more about your own story and the stories of others and explore ways to preserve the past and reclaim your roots in everyday life.

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We all think about who we are, where we come from, where we're going, and where we belong...

I probably think about it more than most.


The Repast Project is dedicated to helping people reconnect to their roots and transform their traditions in ways that cultivate connection, that foster empathy, and that suit their modern lives in our changing world.


How did I get here?

Roots are a really important part of my story:

Both sets of my grandparents were refugees who escaped Europe on the eve of World War II. They arrived in New York in the nick of time, but the family they left behind perished in the Holocaust, along with all the stories and knowledge about their history and culture.

Wanting to forget their painful pasts, my grandparents hardly ever spoke of life before immigration, and the languages of their childhoods never again passed their lips.

Only their food remained: over lunches of German cold-cuts and hearty Hungarian dinners, my grandparents told wistful stories about smokehouses and tiny strudel shops and faraway cafes with sweets that sounded too good to be true.

My own disconnection from my family's culture inspired my life-long interest in heritage, tradition, identity, belonging, and my preoccupation with memory and food.

As a young adult, I yearned for roots and looked for them everywhere: I lived abroad, spent my time with fellow-travelers and expats, immersed myself in other cultures, and learned other languages. I even became a German citizen and lived, for a while, in my grandma's home town.

Through my travels, studies, and work, I've learned a lot about food, culture, memory and the cherished traditions that give us a sense of belonging, connection, continuity, and identity. I came to see that I'm not the only one for whom heritage, culture, and roots matter. 


Maybe roots are really important to you too. 

Maybe you're looking for ways to reconnect with your culture, or to share it with others, or to honor it while still honoring yourself.


Working together, we can navigate the often tricky, sometimes painful, frequently joyful task of finding ways to leverage the past to better understand ourselves and one another, to improve the present, and to shape the future. 

This is my thing. Always has been. Always will be.


Welcome to The Repast Project! I'm Emily.

I help individuals, businesses, and organizations explore how history and culture impacts their identities and outlooks and preserve their heritage in ways that resonate in the present and remain relevant in the future.

I believe that, as we progress on so many fronts, we need to find new ways to relate to our cultures, our roots, and our stories—ways that reflect our current perspectives and priorities, that help us make authentic connections with one another, and that make it possible for us to change as times change and evolve in our lives, our work, and our communities.

That's why I founded The Repast Project, and that's why I'm dedicated to helping you find progressive, creative ways to explore your stories, reconnect with your roots, learn from your history, and celebrate who you are, where you come from, and where you're going.

  Emily Halpern, Founder of The Repast Project

Emily Halpern, Founder of The Repast Project

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