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Emily speaks about food careers, building food or heritage-inspired businesses, as well as about cultureheritage, and food, and on other topics at the crossroads of culture, identity, and ideas. Her audiences have included students, tourists, English language learners, and serious food lovers. With a knack for simplifying complicated concepts, identifying patterns and connections, and envisioning possibilities, Emily is an engaging storyteller and teacher for both large audiences and intimate groups.


" Emily was an organized, thoughtful, and engaging moderator. We really enjoyed working with her and having her at our event!"

-Lauren Margolis, Essex Street Market

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Emily is available for podcast interviews, workshops, lectures, classes, and group coaching sessions. She will present Career Hungry, her signature workshop, or work with you to create a presentation that is customized to your needs and your audience. She has spoken throughout New York City at places such as The International Culinary CenterBrooklyn Foodworks!The Museum at Eldridge StreetThe Essex Street Market, and The Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Her audiences include creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, culinary students, food studies students, and others. Use the form below to contact Emily about your upcoming event.   

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