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About Emily Halpern

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You shape the world we live in—

with the meals you cook and the songs you sing, the celebrations you plan and the lessons you teach, the ideas you share and the things you create.


It's high time you made your mark.



But going off to chart a new path on your own takes courage, persistence, trust, and, let's face it, a bit of a thick-skin.

It can feel risky, exposed, lonely, and really easy to get stuck or derailed by all the information out there about how to start a business, how to find clients, how to set up your website, etc. etc.

And you also might be contending with discouraging messages coming at you from all directions—your friends, your family, your community, your industry, and worst of all, your own fear, confusion, and self-doubt.

Starting a business takes clarity, focus, and fierce determination; I'm not surprised you're feeling overwhelmed, at sea, and scared to take the leap. 


Hi! I'm Emily Halpern.

As a creative strategist and coach, all of my work is about celebrating and exploring culture as well as supporting the people who create, interpret, and preserve it. 

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I help talented professionals and visionary creatives like you refine your ideas, craft irresistible brands, powerful messaging, and captivating web content so you can launch your business with clarity and confidence.

With keen intuition, big-picture thinking, and a way with words, I help you get your work out into the world so you can connect with your target audience and find the focus and momentum you need to grow your business.  

Combining over 15 years of expertise in coaching, communications, and culture, with professional expertise that ranges from cooking at Chez Panisse to singing with The New York Philharmonic, I use my love for strategy and big ideas, my knack for language, and my extensive cultural and culinary knowledge to zero in on what you have to offer, help you get the word out, and support you every step of the way.




I want to help you do what you love, to put your best self out there, and to shout it from the rooftops with the confidence it takes to cut through the noise.


I love helping clients share work that brings beauty and meaning to the world and makes an important impact on our culture, our communities, and our environment.

It's a great privilege to encourage my clients to nurture their hopes and dreams, to find their voices, to celebrate and share who they truly are and bring their best to the table, and, ultimately, to find fulfillment doing the meaningful work they believe in.

That's why I combined my expertise in communications, culture, and coaching help fellow creatives share their passion and talent with us all. 



  • define your purpose
  • develop your ideas
  • leverage your strengths
  • strategically communicate the value of what you do



  • Overcome overwhelm and self-destructive chatter
  • Fully express your potential
  • Build your confidence as a creative
  • Find clarity and direction in your work
  • Get your ideas out of your head and into the world
  • Set purposeful, inspiring goals
  • Take action toward achieving them consistently and effectively
  • Feel proud of what you’re bringing to the table



You'll come away with the confidence and clarity you need to build the food business of your dreams plus a framework from which to launch your business and navigate your choices going forward. 

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Why work with me, and not those other guys?


  • I know A LOT about food, culture, and wellness. 

I'm a former pastry chef and former opera singer.  I've published my writing in nationally distributed food magazines, made pastry at Chez Panisse, sung with the New York Philharmonic, and worked as a creative director and marketing manager for one of NYC's most beloved specialty food stores. I bring my professional experience, my training as a coach, and my familiarity with food, culture, personal growth, and online entrepreneurship to my work.


  • I’ve always been a meaning-maker, a message-shaper, and a communicator.  

I use food, heritage, and culture to tell stories, and I help my clients do the same. My fascination with food's capacity to tell stories and convey culture and ideas has been the running theme through my career, and my love for strategy and talent for helping others give voice to their feelings and communicate their ideas are at the core of my work.


  • I've got what it takes.

My top three strengths are "idea-generating," strategic thinking," and "communication," according to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, and according to the VIA character strengths survey, my top strength is "appreciation of beauty and excellence." I use these aptitudes day in and day out with clients. 


  • I've been around

I've lived in four countries and three states. I speak Italian, French, and German and studied food, culture, and communications (and have two MAs to prove it). I was born and raised in New York, the food and culture capital of the world, and have the savvy that that brings. I bring the breadth of my personal and professional experience to my work with you.


  • I know where you're coming from, because I've been there too.

Not knowing how to decide between my multiple creative passions led me to frustration, analysis-paralysis, and unhappiness. It's only when I decided to be unapologetically myself, to trust the process, and not to worry about what others might think, that my own sweet spot emerged and I finally found focus, freedom, and momentum in my work.


  • I'm not just a fellow creative entrepreneur. 

I'm a CTI trained coach, a badass brainstormer, a problem solver, and a total nerd. I bring my intuition, my love for people, and my commitment to helping you actualize your potential to every job.


  • Nothing is more important to me than you being satisfied with our work.

 I'll do everything in my power to make sure that you are.


I view our work as a partnership.

Think of me as your catalyst, cheerleader, and creative-collaborator.


MY JOB is to work with you to find solutions to creative problems and to help you give birth to your ideas, package your expertise, and get your work out into the worId.

MY GOAL is to empower you to shout about what you do from the rooftops with the clarity and confidence it takes to cut through the noise.

MY APPROACH is collaborative and holistic, grounded in my experience as a co-active coach, my studies in food, culture and communications, and my work as a storyteller. It's essential for me to get to know the whole you, to hear your point of view, and to understand how your unique story shapes your goals, dreams, and perspectives. I'm here to ask questions and listen, to hold up a mirror to help you see yourself clearly, to teach you to tap into your intuition so you can learn to trust your creative instincts, to keep you moving toward your goals, to hold space for you when the going gets tough, and to celebrate your wins right along with you. 

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EMILY HALPERN holds an MA in Cultural Memory from the University of London as well as one in Food Culture and Communications from The University of Gastronomic Sciences. She is a CTI Certified coach, a graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, and of the French Culinary Institute (now the ICC). Emily's diverse professional experience includes working as assistant to Alice Waters, cooking at Chez Panisse, writing for Food & Wine and Saveur, working as marketing manager for Di Palo's of Little Italy and consulting on projects for various culinary and cultural institutions like The Astor CenterThe Essex Street Market, and The Museum at Eldridge Street, among others. She honed her skills as a facilitator and professional storyteller working as a costumed interpreter and educator at The Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

As a coach, consultant, cook, and creative she is dedicated to helping people understand the roles that culture, heritage, and memory play in shaping our personal and public narratives, our communities, and our organizations. Her connection to her own family’s history, her curiosity about other cultures, and her enduring interest in food’s capacity to house our memories and convey the stories of who we are have been the running themes throughout her career. Through her own passion projects, Emily uses food, history, culture, and heritage to facilitate conversations about identity and belonging, and she strives to create meaning, preserve tradition, and foster empathy and connection.A passionate creative and inveterate polymath, Emily is also a classical soprano, and has performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic. A native New Yorker, she lives in Brooklyn.