The Repast Project

As an expat, repat, or global nomad, you may be wondering: 

  • Was coming here the right choice?
  • How will this move impact my career/relationships/family/identity?
  • Am I making the most of this experience?
  • What will I do when I go back home/move on to somewhere new?


Moving to a new culture can feel like going to sleep in black and white Kansas and waking up in Technicolor Oz:  At first, everything is amazing. But then you realize that everything is new and strange, disorienting, and destabilizing.

I'll help you through the transition process with actionable tools and tips to manage culture shock, tackle overwhelm and confusion, and feel empowered and in control of your choices. You and I will deal with the way crossing cultures can change your goals, your beliefs, and your values. We’ll look at the way you are adapting to your new surroundings, explore the way you’re relating to yourself and others, help you understand where you come from, thrive where you are, and get to where you want to go.



Crossing cultures is a major transition.

Transitions force you to change your routine and your perspective, and to spend a whole lot of time outside your comfort zone. Transitionsa are also ideal opportunities for deep reflection, self-discovery, personal growth, goal-setting, healing, and transformation.

Together, we talk through ideas, think outside the box, and consider important history to expand your self-awareness, envision new possibilities, and determine the best ways for you to move forward.

I will help you make sense of seemingly disparate information, make deeper connections, illuminate patterns you may not be able to see, and bring your attention to what's occurring, using simple language and straight-forward metaphors.



No matter who you are, if you are struggling through a cultural transition and want support, Culture-Crossing Coaching is for you.

  • Expats and repats.

  • International students.

  • Global executives and their families.

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"Coaching helped me make the choices that were best for me.

When I started working with Emily, I was feeling very unhappy and stuck. I was struggling to get my career moving in New York City, and the lack of forward motion was causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety.  I couldn’t be happier that I made this investment! Emily asks the type of questions that allow you to figure out what you need on your own, and she is able to keep tabs on the things that are important to you. She helps you find a direction that you love and encourages you to move forward towards the things you want in work and in life. Coaching helped me to make choices that were best for me. I've switched jobs and I’m heading to grad school in the fall. I feel that I have achieved so much in a very little time! I am much happier in my work now, I've been more creative in my everyday life, and, as cheesy as it may sound, I feel much truer to myself. Coaching can be a tricky balance of reflection and action, but Emily has found that balance and is truly excellent at it. 

-Jennie Campbell, Canada > NYC > London

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Expat Coaching will empower you to:

  • thrive in your new environment.
  • determine what is most important to you both in your personal and professional life.
  • set goals and create a plan for your future that are in alignment with your most important values.
  • understand the ways in which your cultural outlook is impacting your experience, outlook, identity, and choices. 
  • deepen your self-awareness, so you can make informed choices about your career, your relationships, and your future.
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Here's how you get started:

 Step 1. 

Fill out the no-obligation application below.

Step 2. 

Make sure you've scheduled a free 20-minute conversation by heading on over to my calendar.

Step 3. 

At the scheduled time of your consultation, we'll talk about your needs and goals and I'll answer any questions you may have about how we would work together.

Step 4. 

I'll create a proposal with my recommendations explaining how I can help you reach your goals. If you agree, we'll get started!


I'm looking forward to hearing from you!