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Is it hard to honor your heritage while staying true to yourself? 

  • Are you struggling to stay connected to your roots?
  • Is honoring your heritage and doing things the way they've always been done holding you back?
  • Do you feel responsible for protecting a legacy, preserving your history, and passing it down?
  • Are you feeling pressure to maintain the status quo, but longing to evolve with the times?
  • Do your values, priorities, and goals clash with those of the generations that came before you? 
  • Do your traditions feel tired, not timeless?

Conscious Culture Coaching helps modern women untangle their stories from the stories imposed upon them by culture, family, and society in order to gain access to their inner wisdom, claim their personal power, and fully express their potential in their lives, work, and relationships. 

Leveraging both practical coaching techniques and my background in cultural memory, public history, and storytelling, I'll help you navigate the effects that culture has on your identity and outlook, so you can find freedom, make meaning, and cultivate connection in your life and in your world. 



Clients Often Find Me in Times of Transition.

Marriage, motherhood, moving...these are all ideal opportunities for deep reflection, self-discovery, personal growth, goal-setting, healing, and transformation.

Together, we talk through ideas, think outside the box, and consider important history to expand your self-awareness, envision new possibilities, and determine the best ways for you to move forward.

I will help you make sense of seemingly disparate information, make deeper connections, illuminate patterns you may not be able to see, and bring your attention to what's occurring, using simple language and straight-forward metaphors.



  • Immigrants

  • 1st and 2nd generation descendants of immigrants.

  • Expats and repats.

  • International students.

  • Women in cross-cultural relationships.

  • Women estranged from their families.

  • LGBTQ identified people.

  • Women who are actively grappling with limitations imposed by cultural, religious, or social expectations.

  • Women grappling with the effects of patriarchy.


No matter who you are, if you are interested in deepening your understanding of how your family history and cultural heritage affect your identity and outlook, Conscious Culture Coaching is for you.

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"I've been able to fully own and go after my seemingly ‘larger-than-life’ dreams, which is liberating and healing, to say the least.

I felt connected to Emily straight away. She had so many interesting perspectives to share and always seemed to ask the right questions. I felt that she really understood and listened to me. She helped me to explore aspects of my dreams and desires that I had not yet fully allowed myself to explore. I would highly recommend Emily as a coach."

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–Indira Jerez, The Innertia Project


Conscious Culture Coaching will empower you to:

  • uncover the roles that culture, family, and heritage play in shaping your personal narrative, your mindset, and your relationships as well as to cultivate self-awareness, and transcend limitations.
  • understand which elements of culture serve you and which are not in alignment with your personal values.
  • make informed choices about what to keep and what to change.
  • transcend the invisible beliefs and forces that have held you back, so you can create and live a meaningful, authentic, purpose-driven life.
  • establish ways you can honor your culture while still honoring yourself.
  • be empowered to make conscious choices that create freedom, momentum, impact, and fulfillment in both your personal and professional life.

Conscious Culture Coaching may be perfect for you if you 

  • are interested in deepening your self awareness by exploring the legacy of your cultural heritage. 
  • want to find freedom, cultivate connection, make meaning in your life. 
  • want a better understanding of how your past affects your present.
  • feel torn between a sense of loyalty to your family and a desire to be true to yourself.
  • feel disconnected from your roots and crave more meaning and connection in your life.
  • feel guilty, isolated, conflicted, confused, worried or shamed at not  being (fill in the blank cultural identity) enough.
  • feel caught between two cultural identities, like you neither really belong with people of your own culture or people of different cultures.
  • struggle with an aspect of your family's past, immigration story, values, or culture.
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Here's how you get started:

 Step 1. 

Fill out the no-obligation application below.

Step 2. 

Make sure you've scheduled a free 20-minute conversation by heading on over to my calendar.

Step 3. 

At the scheduled time of your consultation, we'll talk about your needs and goals and I'll answer any questions you may have about how we would work together.

Step 4. 

I'll create a proposal with my recommendations explaining how I can help you reach your goals. If you agree, we'll get started!


I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

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