I've been exactly where you are.

I followed my life-long love for food and “succeeded”. I graduated from NYC’s top culinary school, cooked at Chez Panisse, wrote for Saveur and Food & Wine, and got two food-focused masters degrees. But for all my accomplishments, I wasn’t happy. 

I'll never forget spending my days off from Chez Panisse lying on my living room floor. 

After years of trying to find the right fit, I was frustrated and felt like a failure. It took me a long time and a ton of soul searching to chart the path that worked for me. 

I knew I wanted to help people achieve their potential, so I trained as a professional coach, and I founded The Repast Project to provide people like you with the kind of help I wish I had had when I was just starting out.

  Emily Halpern

Emily Halpern

Don't let following your passion leave you in the weeds.

 This is me in the weeds. Photo by  Sash Manev.

This is me in the weeds. Photo by Sash Manev.

I'm here to help you direct your passion into a fulfilling career.

I see potential everywhere (that means in you, silly!), brainstorm like a boss, and believe there's real power in following your heart and dreaming big

Through working with me, you'll uncover your values, discover your strengths, and establish clear goals for the food career you want. You'll overcome overwhelm and doubt, quiet self-destructive chatter, and get clear on where you're headed. I'll support you and hold you accountable along the way, and when our work is through, you'll have new found clarity, confidence, and a plan for moving forward.