You're finally starting that business you've been dreaming of, 

And you've probably heard it a million times:

"Find your passion, and everything else will fall into place."

If only it were that simple.



Cooking is your calling or maybe you want to save the planet by changing the way we eat.

Maybe you've dreamed of opening a bakery since you were small or you want to teach others to cook healthy meals. Perhaps you long to be the next M.F.K. Fisher. Alice Waters and Michael Pollan are your idols.

You've got cookbooks on your nightstand. 

I have a feeling we'll get along really well...

Maybe you've always known that you wanted to work in food, so you jumped right in and followed your passion.

Or maybe you opted for the stable "responsible" path and went in a different direction. But now, you sit in your cubicle, stealthily browsing recipes on Pinterest, wondering if you could actually start that food truck you've been dreaming of.


You can...


You need more than passion. You need a plan. 


I'm Emily Halpern

I'm one part creative strategist, one part coach, and one part culinary expert. 

I help purpose driven creatives and visionary entrepreneurs launch stand-out small food businesses by helping them focus their ideas, harness their strengths, and communicate their stories to connect with more customers, clients, and opportunities for rewarding work.

The only things I'm more passionate about than food and culture are stories and ideas. In fact, my fascination with food's capacity to tell stories and convey culture and ideas has been the running theme through my career in food as a writer, marketer, pastry cook, educator, and entrepreneur.

Combining over 15 years of expertise in coaching, communications, and culture, with professional experience that ranges from cooking at Chez Panisse and writing for Saveur to teaching immigrant history at the Tenement Museum, I bring my love for strategy and big ideas, my knack for language, and my thorough understanding of food, culture, and narrative to every facet of my work with you.