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Since you’re a fan of Nurturing Habit, my guess is that I don’t have to convince you that attending to your own needs, knowing yourself well, and living in a way that’s true to how you feel and who you are is the best way to be fulfilled in your work, in your relationships, and in your life…


 Being true to yourself may sound simple,

but it isn't always easy. 

It takes fierce courage and faith, and it takes being willing to face the parts of yourself you'd rather not see, own the parts of yourself you'd rather disown, and trust the parts of yourself you've never trusted before. 

It also takes freeing yourself from what I like to call your "culture cuffs," the ways in which your story, your family's story, your culture, your heritage, and the messages you've received from society keep you stuck, hold you back, and negatively affect your mindset, your outlook, your relationships, and your identity.

Untangling your story from the stories imposed upon you by culture, family, and society helps you gain access to your own inner wisdom, claim your personal power, and fully express your potential.

Reflecting on and reframing your story can empower you to see yourself clearly, connect with others authentically, and make confident, conscious choices about your life, your work, and the legacy you want to leave behind.

I believe that we can find new ways to relate to our roots and to our stories--ways that reflect our current perspectives and priorities, that foster empathy and connection, and that inspire and empower us in our lives, in our work, and in our communities.

Whether you’re embarking upon a creative project inspired by your heritage, you want to build a culture-based business, or you simply want to understand yourself better, exploring your heritage can put you on a rewarding path to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing and inspire you to new, creative ways to honor who you are and where you come from.


begin by asking yourself some questions:

Here, I’ve included some of my favorite journaling questions and exercises to help you think about your story and get your juices flowing. Dedicate a notebook or a folder on your desktop where you can respond to these questions and revisit them, and to create space for your continued self-reflection.

  • Where did you grow up? How did your family end up there?

  • What traits do you think you get from your family members/culture?

  • In what ways was your upbringing the same as or different from that of your parents?

  • What do you value most about your family history, heritage or culture?

  • How does your culture show up in your daily life (if at all)?

  • How might your family’s story impose pressure or expectations on you or encourage you to behave in ways that are not serving you?

  • What are the attitudes and beliefs about self-expression in your family/culture?

  • Were you encouraged to speak your mind, share your ideas, be seen and heard?

  • What are your family’s feelings/attitudes about work/doing business? How have those influenced your choices?

  • Does entrepreneurship run in your family?

  • What are your family’s feelings about risk?

  • What are your family’s attitudes towards money?

  • How have those influenced your attitdes and beliefs about earning money?

  • What is your culture’s attitude towards women? Does it effect how you show up in the world/as an entrepreneur?

  • Write a letter to yourself from the perspective of your great granddaughter, thanking you for all of the ways you’ve paved the way for her, inspired her, etc.

  • Write a letter to yourself from your great grandmother, expressing all the things she wishes for you.

If you’re curious about exploring how your culture effects you, or you’d like some support and creative direction with a heritage-inspired business or project, GET IN TOUCH!