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Summer Borscht

Last week, as a sticky heat wave descended upon New York City, I went on a mini-vacation to Vermont. There, I enjoyed country air, pastoral views, cool, fresh breezes, a swim in a crystal clear river-bend, and a much-needed break from the sweltering temperatures (oh, and lots of Vermont cheddar cheese).

Then I returned to New York, and the heat felt even hotter. As steamy weather always calls for light meals and cold food, I decided I’d make use of summer’s bounty by using my farmers’ market beets to make a classic cold soup: borscht.

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Liptauer Cheese

In my little bitty NYC kitchen, I haven’t had the heart to turn on the oven, or, frankly, even the stove. So I started to ponder what I could make this week that wouldn’t require actual cooking, something ideal for grazing and munching on while enjoying cocktails and conversation with friends. This week, I hope I can help you beat the summer heat by sharing a Hungarian recipe that I think you should include as part of your next cocktail party: Liptauer cheese. 

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Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup

My Hungarian-born grandma’s Bronx apartment always smelled of paprika and chicken fat, the scent of which permeated the upholstery and lingered in the air. Even in the heat of summer, Grandma Rose cooked Hungarian foods that were unapologetically hearty, like stuffed cabbage, and chicken paprikas with nockedli. One perennial summer favorite broke the pattern, though: meggyleves, cold sour cherry soup. Of all the foods I was ever served by my Grandma Rose, it was my hands-down favorite.

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