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Lecsó and "Lecsó Shakshuka"

It’s mid-August, people. When and how exactly did that happen? Out here in the ‘burbs (also known as my parent’s house north of NYC), my mom is reaping the benefits of her vegetable garden. Kale is ready to be cut, eggplants shine in the summer-sun, basil plants are knee-high, and, somehow, there is a new zucchini on the vine each time you blink. Wasn’t it just a moment ago that the farmers’ market was brimming with spring’s sugar snap peas, asparagus, and strawberries? This morning, it was overflowing with the high-summer harvest: beans, corn, summer-squash, peppers of all colors and kinds, and tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes.

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"Grandma Omelets"

Breakfast at my grandparents’ was drab. When I visited as a kid, my usual morning meal of cereal and orange juice was never offered. Instead, there was hum-drum toast and strong coffee for the grownups, soft-cooked eggs and milk for the kids. Sometimes there were some Entenmann’s chocolate donuts or store-bought cinnamon-laced Schnecken, a welcome change of pace, but, because I always slept-in later than my early-bird grandparents, breakfast wasn’t usually a meal we enjoyed together around the table. There was one rare exception to the breakfast boredom: on special occasions, grandma and grandpa teamed up to prepare the much loved “grandma omelet,” not exactly an omelet, but a sweet breakfast/brunch/dessert dish that I’ve never seen anywhere else. 

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