remember your grandmother's cooking?

 Your kids won't, unless you do something about it. 


Food tells our stories. It highlights important events, evokes memories, and helps us create new ones. It’s the glue that connects us to our families, our communities, our traditions, and our past. It’s a bridge that helps us find common ground with others.

The RePast Project strives to keep the culinary traditions of the past relevant in the present. It explores how food feeds our sense of who we are and connects us to ourselves, others, the past, and the world around us.

Many of us are among the first in our families to have to choose: either find ways to keep our family's culture alive for future generations, or let it recede into the past as we keep barreling toward the future.

By remembering, reviving, and reinterpreting the flavors and recipes we inherit from our ancestors we perpetuate age-old traditions, find ways to make them relevant to our modern lives, and maintain our connection to generations past and future. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy. 

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