A Sweet For All Seasons 

If you’re anything like me, dessert is an every-day indulgence. But dessert and sweets didn’t used to be quite so ordinary.

Limited by high prices and scarcity of ingredients, the extravagance of enjoying a little something sweet was reserved for festivals and holidays, and as such, throughout history, many desserts were invented with a goal in mind: to make a statement. Sometimes they were meant to be symbolic and help convey meaning or tell holiday stories, sometimes they were intended as gifts, sometimes they were meant simply to delight with their beauty and elegance, and sometimes they were meant to be showstopping.

Over time, we’ve come to associate desserts with celebration.

Today, even if desserts are available to us around every corner, indulging in dessert is still a special occasion. Desserts bring us pleasure, highlight important events, tell a story, bring us together, convey our love, evoke old memories, and help create new ones. Even a simple dessert on an ordinary day can bring smiles to our faces, and create, if even for a short time, a tiny celebration. 

As far as I’m concerned, beyond just indulging, desserts today can serve the same purpose they always have: to allow us, as we eat, to pause and enjoy that moment for what it is—a special occasion.



I offer custom dessert catering for intimate events and special occasions—dinner parties, birthdays, baby and bridal showers, anniversaries, holidays. I can provide cookies and cakes, scones, pies and tarts, petit fours, plated desserts, and other confections. We can work together to establish a menu that best suits your tastes and occasion.


I create monthly dessert pop-ups themed around the holidays and festivities of the season. These events explore the history of seasonal desserts from a diverse array of cultures and bring to life the traditions and rituals of the past through sweets and stories. You can also hire me to create similar private events.

Classes and private lessons

I offer private baking instruction to individuals and small groups. Check out my events calendar for upcoming classes and contact me to arrange a private lesson.


"After five seasons shooting TLC's Four Weddings, I have yet to taste a wedding cake that even approaches Emily Halpern's delicious chocolate masterpiece for our wedding." 

-Alan McIntyre Smith, Cinematographer